Whilst a big elaborate wedding is some people’s thing, there is a growing trend toward small intimate weddings – and it’s not only about trying to save money.

Once you announce you are getting married, you will be bombarded with ideas and requests from family and friend on what to include and how to do your wedding day.
Your wedding day can quickly become what everyone else wants, not what the two of you want.

So, it is time to stand firm, dig your heels in and have the wedding you want.

Many couples are choosing to have smaller numbers, say under 40, so they can simply have quality time with all their guests, not just a passing hello and thank you for coming.

Lawn games and finger food. A great way to celebrate with close family and friends

Small weddings can be more relaxed. With fewer numbers there is usually a lot less organising, fewer hassles and fewer opportunities for things to go wrong beforehand and on the day, leaving everyone relaxed and ready to enjoy the day.

Fewer guests will often open up your options regarding ceremony and reception places, as well as what type of food is available.

Limit the number and you limit the drama. There can be so much drama around weddings – organising accommodation for out-of-towners, thinking about guests’ dietary requirements, who to sit where, whether to have children in attendance or not. Keep your wedding small and stress-free!

Here are some ideas of how to think outside the large traditional sit-down meal reception.

  • Wedding Ceremony at a beautiful garden and then off to your favourite restaurant with your nearest and dearest.
  • Garden Wedding Ceremony followed by champagne and cake, garden party style!
  • Ceremony at a special location then off to your favourite eating spot.
  • A picnic or barbeque in your favourite outdoor space.
  • How about a very private ceremony, with just yourselves and a celebrant in a very special setting and then join family and friends at a larger celebration.
  • Perhaps complete the formalities at a registry office and then off to someone’s house for a relaxed party.


Here at The Secret Garden we give our couples the flexibility to do their wedding their way. Whether its a small sit-down meal under the arbour, a gorgeous spring garden party in the Southern Highlands or a morning ceremony followed by finger food and lawn games, it’s totally up to you.

Whatever your ideas for an outdoor wedding, come talk to us and we will help you bring it all together. We even offer packages specifically for Small Weddings in the Southern Highlands.

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate your wedding day.

It is about doing what is right for the two of you, whilst creating a special memory that in years to come you will look back on and say, “yes we did what was right for us”.

Small wedding set up under the arbour. Perfect!