A few tips to ensure everyone gets to your wedding on time.

One of the biggest worries for the bride groom on their wedding day is making sure guests arrive for the ceremony on time. Often there is a time frame for things to happen, that has been organised well in advance and for specific reasons.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure everyone is there on time.

Don’t be tempted to put an earlier time on your invitations. Most guest will expect the ceremony time to be when it will start and will arrive early enough to park, greet family and friends and get seated well before the ceremony time. If you put on an earlier time, then people will be waiting for an extend period of time. It is not fair to punish those guests that are punctual just because you have some notorious late-comers on your guest list  

If you are worried about traffic, difficulty with parking or unfamiliar roads etc communicate this via word of mouth or via a note with the invitation or pop something on your wedding website or RSVP Cards. If you still think there will be problems with guest getting lost or arriving late or you want to be absolutely sure everyone arrives on time, then organise on a bus for your guests to your ceremony or reception location. Let people know what time and where the pickup points are, and people will be guaranteed to make those times. This is very easy for a destination wedding especially if everyone is staying at the same accommodation.

If you have guest who you know are going to be late, organise a pre-ceremony event, like drinks or family photos etc so they will be there when you want things to commence.

If you know there are some that will have difficulty finding the venue, perhaps do a do a drive-by with key guests and if you still have concerns that they may be late  get someone who is familiar with the venue location to collect these guests and deliver them in plenty of time.

Ultimately though, it’s important to remember that your day is about you and your partner. You can’t let the details worry you on the day. Do what you can ahead of time and make sure that you focus on the reason you are having a wedding in the first place when the day comes.

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