Dazzling displays of spring blossoms, acres of lush lawn for lawn games, good food and a glass or two of bubbly, what more could you want for a Spring Garden Party Wedding.

Spring in the Southern Highlands is so stunning, with cool climate flowers bursting into colour at every turn. The weather is beautiful and perfect for holding a Garden Party Wedding either in the morning, afternoon or early evening.

We have just announced our Ultimate Garden Party Wedding Packages and so we thought we would share with you some tips on how to bring together a simple but elegant wedding ceremony and reception that will delight both you and your guests.

Step One – Choose the perfect spot in which to say your I do’s.

Looking for an intimate space or need lots of room for your expansive guest list or perhaps a woodland theme is more what you envisaged. Here at The Secret Garden we have it all so picture in your mind what you want, come have a look, and book your date.

Step 2 – Book in your celebrant and photographer.

 If you are choosing a weekday or morning celebration you will have a lot more flexibility in gaining the services of the people you want. So be flexible and work around who is available.

Step 3 – Find the perfect location for photos.

With five acres of garden and several significant structures within minutes of the Garden Terrace or Marquee Lawn there is no shortage of gorgeous spots to have photos taken in The Secret Garden. This allows the Bride and Groom, bridal party and family to enjoy the festivities in between photos.

Step 4 – Send out the invitations

Step 5- Find and florist and/or stylist.

 No garden party is complete without some gorgeous floral touches. So find someone that can bring your garden party together with the look you want or DIY. As a bonus, when you book with us, we allow foliage and flowers to be cut from the garden for a truly wild look while being sustainable and cost-effective.

Step 6 – Book in for your hair and makeup.

Step 7Choose a spot to have your Garden Party Wedding.

Maybe the terrace with its market umbrellas, array of outdoor furniture and potted plants is what you have in mind; or a Boho theme with lots of low tables and cushions on the Rose Garden Lawn. At The Secret Garden, there are lots of areas to choose from so you get just the look and feel you want

Step 8 Organise some Delicious food.

We can put you in touch with catering companies that love to do garden party food. From canapes to sliders or perhaps gourmet pizza, whatever your taste there is a caterer that can do it. Perhaps you would like to wave your DIY wand and organise family and friends to put together lavish grazing table stations around the garden for your guest to enjoy whilst playing lawn games. Or maybe a selection of food vendors, live cooking station, mobile pizza van, all sit perfectly with a spring garden wedding theme. Anything that will has guests up and about mingling together, talking, laughing and having a good time will leave everyone going WOW what a great day. 

Step 9 – Add some beverages.

From waiters handing around drinks to self-serve drinks station all is possible at The Secret Garden. Perhaps champagne, tea and coffee for a morning garden party or a full-on mobile drinks caravan for an afternoon or evening affair. Again, we can put you in touch with vendors who can supply this or DIY drinks stations are very simple.

Step 10 – Add something sweet.

You can do with just the cake or maybe add an Ice-cream cart or donut wall, or high tea cake stands overflowing with scrumptious little cakes and petit fours. Either way fill them up with something sweet and delicious to send them home happy.

Step 11 – Entertaining your guests.

  • Music. Thinking of a single violin player or perhaps a string quartet. Classical musicians are synonymous with that classic garden party look and feel.
  • Lawn games. Simply a must at a garden party! They are such a great icebreaker getting guests up and going and enjoying themselves. Either hire or buy your own.

Now everything is organised and booked. Sit back relax and enjoy a bit of pampering whilst getting ready knowing that everything is organised and a great day will be had by all.

Garden Party weddings are a quick budget-friendly fun way to celebrate your wedding day. If you’re keen to take up one of our Ultimate Garden Party Wedding Packages, then we would love you to get in touch and book a time to visit The Secret Garden. Just click here.