Even the best organised wedding can still encounter a few bumps in the road. Which can include a torrential downpour.

Many couples dread the thought of a rain on their wedding day, conjuring up visions of wet shoes and muddy dresses and wet and cold guests. But with a little planning you and your guests can stay dry and celebrate the day as is fitting.


Outdoor photos.

The reality is there is absolutely nothing you can do about the weather but if you had your heart set on some lovely garden or scenic shots don’t despair.

The upside is there is nothing quite like rainy-day wedding photos. Wet weather can create a magical backdrop for photos- The mist, the light, dramatic clouds, the moodiness all contribute to unique portraits!

Photo by Nigel Unsworth Photography https://www.nigelunsworth.com.au/

Even if rain is forecast all day there will often be opportunities to get some of those lovely (if a bit soggy) outdoor photographs that you were planning on.

Your photographer will be keeping an eye on the radar to see when there is a break in the rain. Even if it is a bit drizzly an outdoor undercover shot with the rain and mist in the background can be very special and night time rain shots are simply gorgeous.


If it really is raining, or too cold outside, another option is to have your photographs taken inside.

A few extra things that will help you stay photo-ready all day in the rain: Hairdryer, Emergency Makeup Kit, Change of Shoes, mat to stand on for photos to keep feet dry.

Moving around to different photo locations can be hell on a long wedding dress, so think about how you will protect it. A bustle or finger loop will allow you to lift the back of your dress and train to stop it dragging through the water and mud. Alternatively, if you want an outdoor wedding or even outdoor photos think about wearing a short or tea length dress.


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Photography by Thomas Stewart


Photography by Studio Pearce https://www.studiopearce.com.au/

Remember your wedding photographs reflect your wedding day, however it unfolds – so embrace the day regardless of the weather.

Be prepared and have a plan B

If any part of your wedding day is planned for outside, then be prepared for rain and have a Plan B. Have a Plan B that you LOVE or are just as excited about as your Plan A. Maybe you love the look of clear umbrellas, or think a clear marquee with rain drops falling down the side is truly beautiful. Be excited about that Plan B!

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony then check with your venue to see what their wet weather option is, do they have an indoor/covered area for you to hold your ceremony in or have a marquee on hand to put up if need beIf you have something in place, then the lead up to the day will be stress-free.

Hire a clear tent.

“Rainy weather” doesn’t have to mean “indoor wedding”. If you are planning an outdoor reception, go for a clear marquee giving guests unobstructed views of the sky, the surrounding landscape and the raindrops throughout the ceremony and reception. You will still get to enjoy the feeling of being in the outdoors whilst staying dry.

Make sure the tent also has clear sides to protect your guests from wet gusts of wind. And if it’s a chilly day, you may want to hire some form of heating or supply throw rugs to keep your guests comfortable. All of this can be in place if it does rain, or if it doesnt and you simply want to be out of the weather.

Make sure you and your wedding coordinator is on the same page about how you envisage the day.  Be realistic about when to call it and enact your plan B, preferably the day before or early on the day.

All the Plan B inclusions are going to add to your budget so make sure you adjust your budget to include rainy wedding needs. This will eliminate any financial stress when you’re making last-minute changes.

Embrace the weather.

If it looks like it is going to be wet, buy in some funky gumboots, either white or coloured – they will keep your feet dry and add a touch of fun to your photos. Remember to bring a change of shoes for the reception and that all that dancing you will be doing.


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For a rainy-day wedding, clear umbrellas are a must for your photos – so grab enough for both the bridal party and your guests. Supplying clear umbrellas will ensure uniformity in your photos.

Photo by Dan Cartwright www.dancartwright.com.au

Even if your guests arrive with an umbrella, ask them to use those supplied rather than their own – wedding photos dotted with bunnings umbrella is not a good look.

Even if it’s not raining when people arrive, have your umbrellas close by so they are easy to grab if the weather changes.


 Our top tips:

  • Have a wet weather plan – make sure the venue has a wet weather back up or have a marquee or gazebos on standby.
  • Does your venue have clear umbrellas if not Buy or Hire some just in case!
  • Don’t panic! If you have planned for wet weather everything will go off smoothly.
  • Enjoy it! There is nothing you can do about the weather so embrace what mother nature throws at you, put your plans into place and make it part of your wedding day story!
  • Your photos will be awesome! The bigger the clouds, the more dramatic the photo!! And rainy photos are very dreamy


Regardless of the weather, with a little planning and some added cost you will be secure knowing you have a plan B to ensure your wedding day goes ahead smoothly.

Photo by Weddings by Tim www.weddingsbytim.com.au