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Whether you are having your entire wedding in a stunning garden setting, or whether you are choosing just to get your photography done in one, garden photography can help create beautiful wedding photos that you will treasure forever. There is a reason that people continue to choose to get many of their wedding photos taken in natural outdoor setting. The combination of surrounding natural beauty, the delightful way that light plays through trees, a back drop of water or stunning flowers or the drama of a sunset on the horizon can only be achieved outside. Finding a space that gives you a unique and gorgeous place to capture your big day can be a challenge so here are a few tips to make sure your garden wedding photos are the absolute best they can be?

There are many considerations that you need to make around choosing when to get married, but remember that the season will really impact your wedding photography.

We believe that every season is truly beautiful in the Southern Highlands and especially in The Secret Garden. Each season has its own beauty, so you must decide what is right for you and what memories you wish to create.

Winter with its bare tree trunks and drifts of daffodils can be stunning or dark and mysterious with the blue and deep green tones of the conifers against the subdued winter light.
Whilst autumn is full of rich natural colours and carpets of beautiful autumn leaves.
Summer with its long evenings and stunning sunsets give you a different aspect again. Spring is the winner season if want images that have lots of colour and big impact.
Imagine incredible drifts of brilliantly coloured bulbs and annuals or arbours dripping with purple wisteria or spring blossom bursting at every turn and that glorious spring sunshine that can bring a photo to life.

Whilst each season is stunning and distinct in its own way the back drop they create in a garden can have a huge impact on the way that your wedding photos will look.

You want to make sure you choose a photographer who works well with natural environments and who understands how to best capture the light in the various scenarios a garden can present.
Check out their outdoor work in various seasons and weather conditions as well as any that may have been capture at or around your date.

As with any photography, the photographer themselves can have a huge impact on the end vision of your wedding photos. Light truly is everything in garden wedding photography and it’s important to ensure that your photographer understands how to work with the light, rather than against it.

Organise a visit, with your photographer, to the garden you have chosen before the big day, preferably at a similar time to your ceremony so they can see how the light falls and where the best shot can be captured.

Have a list of the photos you want taken, both of various garden backdrops and family and friend. These can be put onto a running sheet which can be given over to an organised person to ensure those needed for particular shots are in place when needed so time is not wasted.

This is one of the most over-looked pieces of advice for wedding days in general, but truly is the key to capturing incredibly personal images on your big day.

Take time to be with your partner, take time to celebrate how amazing the day is for the two of you and how happy you are to be making this commitment to each other.

It can be very hard to be running around all day talking to guests and then be asked in a photo session to be truly connected to your partner to give that “romantic feeling”.
If you take time throughout the day to have some alone time together, you get the opportunity to reconnect and create little moments of romance and closeness allowing you to really relax in front of the camera and just be together naturally.

This will truly make for incredible photos.

The memories and photos you create on your wedding day will be with you forever so it is important to take the time to find the right photographer and garden setting that reflects how you and your partner want to remember your big day.

Whether you choose The Secret Garden to have your entire wedding in or just your ceremony or even just your photos taken here; The Secret Garden offers you a unique opportunity to get incredible garden wedding photography that is unique to you.
With a host of different spaces around the garden, each with their own theme or colour scheme you can get photos that are varied and interesting.

If you’re looking to get beautiful garden wedding photography done in the Southern Highlands, get in touch via our Contact page for rates and wedding packages for your special day.

We look forward to inviting you inside The Secret Garden!