It is a once in a lifetime date the 22/02/2022 and according to Affinity numerology, the numerology number 2 is all about relationships.

Teamwork, pulling together, companionship, romance, diplomacy, cooperation — all are in the number 2’s realm.

It is the date of love, so 22/02/2022 is totally the day on which to tie the knot.

It is also a date that will be hard to forget when celebrating milestones in the future.

Charles and Sarah had their heart set on a fountain garden ceremony and a lunch under the arbour.

The weather had a slightly different idea, with what had been a run of fine weather turning wet, foggy, and cool. The rain was never very heavy, just a fine drizzle which was more annoying than inconvenient.

With their wet weather plan all organised, Charles and Sarah arrived at The Secret Garden with a number of gazebos which they put up on the rose lawn to put all the seating and buffet table under.

The ceremony location was changed to The Wedding Gazebo so the bride and groom could be dry whilst exchanging their vows and signing the official paperwork. With some last-minute moving of furniture everything was set up and looking just as the couple wanted.

Guest were provided with clear umbrellas to ward off the insistent drizzle. The bride added her personal touch by creating all the floral arrangements for the ceremony area and dining tables in colours matching her stunning wedding dress.

Brooke from Planned by Page was just wonderful in setting everything up and pulling everything together to make the day go according to plan

South Coast Party Hire delivered and set up a dance floor, tables and chairs and a pair of beautiful peacock chairs for the bride and groom to sit at and share their first meal as husband and wife.

A delicious meal was prepared and served by Choice Events Catering.

As the saying goes “Good things always come in twos” and by choosing such  an auspicious date Charles and Sarah have added greatly to the story of their wedding day  which they can relay to family and friends in the years to come.

As always, we wish Charles and Sarah all the best for their future together.

The Secret Garden team.


Venue: The Secret Garden

Photographer: Rocky Zhang

Wedding day coordination: Planned by Page

Caterer: Choice Events Catering.

Furniture: South Coast Party Hire