Lots of wedding venues, parks and gardens have gazebos and with the right decorations and styling you can create a stunning feature of your big day.

Your styling can be as simple as you want or having a structure such as a gazebo, is a great chance to make a statement
If it is a rather plain structure then dress it up, or perhaps you are having a themed wedding and the decorations can emphasize that theme to make a real impact.

So here are a few tips to make your process easier:

  • It is always a good idea to have a good look at the structure well before your wedding day and get any measurements you will need.
  • Check with the owner/council around what you can and cannot do/install.
  • Do a bit of research to get some ideas, then sit down and sketch out what you would like
  • Make a list of what you need, then hire, borrow, or buy everything.
  • It is always a good idea to have a family member or friend do last-minute installations, such as those in a park, but if you want to be involved, make sure you can install early in the morning before you need to get ready.

We have had some great examples here at The Secret Garden and also had a bit of a look on the internet to select a few of our favourite gazebo decorations that may help you plan your own.

Lots of greenery and flowers on every pillar and the urns making it very clear where the action is to take place.

Adding some twisted branches to you flowers adds movement and interest.

Chiffon draping at every window and a statement floral piece makes this gazebo the center of everyone attention.

There is something rather special about silver gum and roses – it is a match made in heaven- then top it off with the striking addition of the twisted willow. So pretty!

The addition of a chandelier really “glams up” a plain gazebo.

If you want an impact then flowers, flowers and more flowers will do just that.

If you are having an Autumn wedding or a Halloween themed wedding then the addition of bold coloured flowers and the odd pumpkin can carry the theme through to the ceremony area.

Think out side the norm- beautiful coloured paper lanterns that match the aisle petals are just stunning in this photo

These hanging baskets are just lovely and can be done well ahead of time by those green thumbs in the family.

Very simple but effective- ivy wound around the entrance pillar with just a couple of flowers to match the aisle florals- beautiful.

Big bold floral arrangements certainly say “this is where it is happening.”

I love the addition of the orchid garlands and glass balls. they just add something very special to the whole styling.

The gazebo at The Secret Garden, dressed simply with chiffon and a central floral arrangement that matches the one on the signing table and chairs.

A bit of floral artistry with a statement floral arrangement and simple bunches of Baby’s breath for the aisle chairs.

Lots of pink flowers and chiffon, but if it it on theme go for it!

Wedding Photography by EMOTION

Gazebo wedding decorations are only limited by time, budget, and creativity. So take the time to do some planning to get just what you want to create a memorable ceremony location.