One of the advantages of having an outdoor ceremony means plenty of space to be creative and include some interesting or quirky ideas into your styling.

Obviously this will be limited by your venue’s ideas of what is appropriate, but here at The Secret Garden we love to see couples go that little step further and come up with something that is special to them, that will make their wedding day unique.

So think outside the box and go all out, you only get to do this once!


A Bryan Photo, Mariee Ami | Snippet & Ink This is a strong and defined ceremony space but what opportunity to show of your favourite blooms


We have had a bit of fun searching the internet for some great ideas on how to make your wedding ceremony as memorable a day for your guest as it is for you and your partner.

All these images were sourced from Pinterest

So have a browse and look at some of these ideas that may bring that little bit of pizzazz to your big day.

If you have access to bales of hay, this is a great way to create a wedding ceremony space that is that little bit different.

What a great way to showcase your vows or favourite song.

Gumboot vases-why not!


So pretty!


Who does’t love an ice cream vendor.


Add a barrel or two to really show off your flowers.

For that ethereal look to your photos.

Is there any such thing as too much chiffon?

Hope you enjoyed these and they have got your mind racing with creative images that will help you come up with a unique and stunning wedding ceremony space.