Fabric draping in a tree is a simple alternative to the modern wedding arch.

It creates a simple but elegant look and is something different to the usual floral wedding arch for your garden wedding ceremony.

Fabric draping in a tree is a simple cost-effective idea that gives a focal point to your ceremony whilst framing the couple as you say your vows.

It is simply taking some fabric and draping on or between tree branches. There are plenty of ideas on the internet so do a bit of browsing and come up with some ideas that will be unique to your wedding day.

Obviously, you need an outdoor setting with a significant, if not majestic tree, as your ceremony backdrop.

The fabric can be installed quickly before the bride arrives or hours before hand if you are wanting to be super organised.

 This simple means of defining you ceremony space eliminates the worry of foliage and flowers wilting, before the ceremony, as you can often see in a traditional floral arch. This is an issue both on hot days, days when it could rain or even just because you have picked your flowers and foliage much earlier in the day.

Simple draping and mismatched chairs-so lovely. Styling by Inspire Love wedding and events hire.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • You need a fabric that will flow and drape well – usually a chiffon or cotton sateen.
  • The draping can be in any colour. White if you want that traditional wedding feel; or coloured to match the bridal party or the colour theme you have chosen for the day.
  • All you need to do is measure how long the fabric needs to be:
  • Measure the length from the ground over the branches it will drape over and down the other side. I find the easiest way to do this is by getting a piece of string or rope attach it to the tree as you would the material, cut it to required length, remove it from the tree and measure the string length. This will give you the number of meters of material you need to purchase.
  • Don’t forget to allow enough fabric for swags between branches and trail some on the ground.
  • Then purchase the fabric and organise a time to install it at your venue.
  • Borrow a ladder from the venue to allow you to get some height but remember the draping needs to frame you as a couple.
  • The fabric is easily attached to the tree with a staple gun which allow for a quick and easy removal at the end of the ceremony.

Here at The Secret Garden we have hosted several weddings using this draping technique.

The magnificent Chinese Weeping Elm in Megan’s Garden is ideal for this and if you are looking for that perfect outdoor wedding ceremony spot why not get in touch and we can organise a tour of the garden for you.