It is often referred to as the bride’s biggest fear, that it will rain on your wedding day. For most brides, there is a particular vision for how they want their wedding day to look – and often rain is not a part of that.

Unfortunately, as we know too well in the gardening world, you cannot predict or control mother nature, and so rain is always a possibility. So rather than stress over if it will or it won’t happen, try to have a contingency plan in place so regardless of the weather your day will still be special and uniquely yours.

Here are our favourite rainy-day options for those brides choosing an outdoor wedding ceremony and/ or reception.

– Choose a date when it least likely to rain.
An extreme option, but one that costs you nothing if you don’t have a particular date in mind. A simple check of the Bureau of Meteorology website will tell you which dates it is least likely to rain on, still no guarantee but there are times of the year when you can almost guarantee dry weather.
We have had experience with brides going down this path and choosing the date based solely on its probability of being dry (it was in early April), as they wanted to have every aspect of their wedding day in the garden – from the ceremony to the reception to dancing and it was the most perfectly clear, still and dry day and evening. For them, having the flexibility in the date ensured that they could have the garden wedding of their dreams.

– Umbrellas
Whether they are clear, red or rainbow, have beautiful umbrellas on hand that will really make a statement at your wedding and in your photos. Perhaps match your umbrella colour to your flowers, imagine fabulous red umbrellas matching beautifully with a red rose bouquet. For something a little more contemporary, clear plastic umbrellas look modern and create a sense of delight as you watch the rain fall onto their frame.
To make this work on your day, all you have to do is have enough umbrellas for the bridal party and your most treasured guests – don’t let Nanna get rained on!
The rest of the guests should be sufficiently organised to have their own umbrellas.

– Marquee
While an expensive option, for receptions being held in a garden a marquee is often the best solution to avoid rainy weather. At The Secret Garden, we would always recommend hiring a marquee for those couples wishing to have their reception on the property – even if you don’t use it and choose to dine open-air if the weather is fine, having the back up of a marquee saves heartache and stress on the day.

– Covered areas
If you are choosing a garden space to have your ceremony in ensure the venue has a wet weather option, something undercover that the bride can get to without getting wet. It does not have to hold all your guests but must be big enough for at least the bridal party and again those special guests.

The Secret Garden offers either  The Wedding Gazebo, which can keep the bride and groom dry during the ceremony while the guests stand under umbrellas; or pop up white gazebos that can keep everyone dry.

By having a range of wet-weather options available to you, The Secret Garden ensures that even in the event of rain, your wedding day will still be a wonderful occasion. When you come and tour the garden we explain the different wet weather options available to you, and help you choose the right location for your specific ceremony, so that in the event of rain you are completely prepared.

Whether you believe rain on your wedding is good or bad luck, it can make the day less present if you are not prepared so don’t just ignore the possibility of rain, take the opportunity to think through your wet weather options and decide on something that you are completely happy with that can make your special day just that bit more unique.

If you would like to have your wedding at The Secret Garden, we would love to have you. Simply get in touch via the contacts page and come and tour this hidden gem today.