As a garden wedding venue, we see how individual brides like to style their outdoor wedding space, especially the ceremony area. Each one has had its own unique personality and theme.

The first step in styling a unique outdoor wedding is finding a venue that will give you the freedom to put together what you have envisaged as part of your big day.

Here at the Secret Garden we encourage our couples to do DIY, or use the vendors of their choice, to style their wedding the way they want, to make it their own. Below we have put together just a few of the things we have seen that can make your outdoor wedding extra special and reflect that personal ambiance!


Signs and Directions.

A sign to welcome your guests is always nice, just so everyone knows they are at the right wedding. Also, if you are getting married in a large garden or other outdoor space, that your guests are going to be unfamiliar with, then directional signage is a must.

Be creative- it can be rustic, botanical, humorous, off the self, bespoke or DIY. Totally up to you.





The Floral Arch.

Whilst not a must, it is a great way to anchor your ceremony space and allows you to create an amazing ambiance in which to exchange your vows. With or without a stylist the arch allows you to design a beautiful backdrop unique to your theme. It is where some of your most important photos will be captured on the day and can be as dramatic or as simple as your heart desires.

Aisle Markers.

These can be floral, greenery, candles or something more structural. Either tied to the aisle chairs or placed on either side of the aisle to add a touch of romance or drama to your walk towards your future husband. Again, let your imagination run wild, there are no limitations here so add what you feel creates the space you want.


Petals for tossing, for flower girls to scatter over the aisle or a full carpet of petals for you to walk on as you come down the aisle. All will add a touch of the romantic to your wedding ceremony.


Other little touches.

 Hankies for happy tears or parasols for shade. The list is only limited by your imagination.


The Signing Table and chairs.

These are necessary as there is paperwork to sign and again are incorporated into some of the more important photos of the wedding process. Whilst you may not have a lot of choice about what is at the venue, dress the setting up with themed florals or some “on theme” trinkets that will add that special touch to the day.



Candles can be perfect to set the mood at your ceremony site even during the day. They can be used to line the aisle, to designate the ceremony space or the guide guests to the area. Talk to your stylist or come up with a striking display to make your ceremony space shine.


There is something quite special about live music. It is great as background for when guests are arriving, for when you walk down the aisle and to entertain during celebratory drinks. It can set the tone for the rest of the day so think about what you want and find the right musicians to create that unique ambiance you are looking for.



Having an outdoor wedding gives you lots of scope to personalise the area, making it unique and special to your day. So, take the time to discover what you are able to do and work with friends and family, or a stylist to create a look and feel that is just right for you.