I love flowers! I think I must have been a florist in a previous life or something as I love to grow them, pick and arrange them; and most importantly, I love to give them to people. You will always get a warm reception if you turn up at someone’s door with an arm full of beautiful blooms.


I’m not necessarily a great follower of flower fashion, as I just grow what does well in my garden and really have issues with and concern for about the environmental sustainability of the cut flower industry as a whole. I do however like to take notice of what is happening in the world of flowers, particularly what is on trend for wedding florals.


So, I thought I would share what I have seen as emerging trends.

I certainly do not advocate doing something just because it is trendy but some of the new styles and colours emerging lend themselves to being able to customise your wedding floral into something that is unique you.

Whilst these maybe some emerging trends, to me it indicates that really anything goes, and it comes back down to what the couples vision of their day is. so Whatever flowers you have in mind for your dream wedding you should have because in the end it is what you like rather than what some else has said in trendy in Vogue or the latest craze.

1. Colour

Even though Pantone’s colour of the year is Ultra Violet and was supposed to be the colour that would influence everything in 2018, there seems to be a move towards more muted and earthy tones. Being that we are currently in autumn, this season really shines in this trend, with burgundy, blush and browns everywhere.


2. Inclusion of other natural Elements

Other natural elements will always accentuate flowers in my opinion so don’t be surprised if your florist suggests a few seed heads, dried foliage, twisted branches, lichen covered twigs, moss, drapes of silver dichondra or old man’s beard to give your wedding floral a wonderful organic earthy feel to the day.


3. Wild flowers.

In the UK, meadow flowers are all the rage and we are now seeing them being used in fabulous wedding florals. This is translating here in Australia to using native wild flowers with foraged grasses and other natural elements. There seems to be a trend of moving away from the bold statement flowers of the large natives like waratahs or South African proteas to a subtler version with lots of natural free flowing foliage with smaller blooms of flannel flowers and fillers of tryptamine.


4. Flowers, flowers and more flowers

There is an ongoing trend for flowers to be a more integral part of the wedding day with beautiful arbour installations for the ceremony, brides and bridesmaids wearing lots of flowers, bridal tables overflowing with flowers and reception tables with garlands running the full length of the table and spilling onto the floor or magnificent ceiling installations about tables and dance floors.

These can all give a great “wow” factors to wedding day but if your budget does not run to purchasing large amounts of floral material for these installations concentrate on maybe just one statement piece or use lots of foraged foliage with limited flowers or no flowers in the pieces.


5. Succulents

Succulent are still creating a stir and being used in bouquets, on cakes, in arrangements and are still a favourite bonbonniere. They are robust enough to handle being out of water for the whole day without losing their colour or shape, while still being interesting visually.


6. Foliage.

Foliage is really taking centre stage at the moment. Whether it be bouquets using more foliage features than flowers; to ceremony backdrop arbours made purely of foliage; to only foliage table arrangement and magnificent ceiling installations; lots of foliage is very in.

Using just foliage is never boring when it is a combination of colours and textures and fragrance. So, you will often see variegated foliage being used to lift an installation, or herbs being added by the bunch full to add a fragrance that will have your guests enthralled.

Whatever the look, foliage only installations can be stunning and very unique.



7. Wreaths & Hoops

It looks like floral wreaths and hoops are becoming a thing for weddings. Whether it be a gigantic ceremony backdrop circle; or  multiple floral hoops suspended from a tree; to circlets in the bridal parties hair; or mini wreaths instead of button holes for the guys; or gorgeous floral wreaths for the bridesmaids and flower girls to carry; to statement wreath at the reception or tradition floral wreath centrepieces for the tables; and my favourite, a floral wreath as a welcome sign instead of the traditional board.

This is a trend that will be around for a while as they can be easily personalised but are such great statement pieces. They can be great for the budget conscious as they can be mainly constructed of foliage with just a few hero flowers or absolutely extravagant being totally covered in the bride’s favourite blooms.


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8. Locally-sourced & In-Season.

There is an increasing awareness within the wedding industry around the sustainability of wedding flowers leading to couples opting for locally organically grown, in-season flowers. Along with this and the trend towards copious quantities of foliage we are seeing florist foraging for foliage, seed pods and any other natural ascents that work well together and supporting their local cut flower industry.


Your wedding day it probably the one day in your life where you will feel the extravagance of excessive flowers and greenery is worth it. So, dream big, have what you want and make sure your florist is aware of the look you want them to achieve so that on the day your flowers and floral arrangement will be truly unique and something you will remember for the rest of your life.

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