Although decorating the aisle may be an option you have not thought about, it is important to remember that along with the arch decorations it will be one of the most photographed areas on the day. From when guests first arrive, to your grand entrance and walk down the aisle, to you and your partner then walking back up the aisle after saying your vows, the aisle is in focus.

A decorated aisle will always look better then some thing that is not decorated.

These decorations do not have to be extravagant – in fact I feel the simpler the better! We are talking about decoration that will complement you not steal the show.

It can be as simple as a line of petals down each side or a small bouquet or bunch of greenery on each aisle chair. Perhaps candles, lamps or potted colour at the base of each aisle chair, to a simple bow on the aisle chairs or draping between chairs.

Pink petals were chosen to line this aisle – so pretty

Personally, I love petals down the aisle. They can add a pop of colour especially if it is an outdoor ceremony on green grass and they certainly create a romantic feel to the ceremony. They can line to aisle or be scattered across the aisle, they can be white or coloured depending on your preference.

Do an internet search, you will find plenty of images of how the aisle can be decorated. Then decide what you like, what can be achieved within your budget but most importantly what reflects your personality as a couple. Remember, you will have to look at photos of the aisle for years to come.

Here at The Secret Garden we have plenty of roses and camelias and encourage couples or their florist to pick what they want for decorating your aisle, as part of our packages.

 Below are a few images of aisle decorations using material taken from the garden.

Little bunches of flowers add a beautiful touch to this aisle
A simple bunch of greenery can add so much to your aisle decorations
A simple row of petals done either side of the aisle add a romantic touch