Whilst spring seems to be the favourite season to get married, a summer wedding has a lot going for it and I thought I would share with you some of the reasons I consider this a wonderful season for your big day.


For those looking to have an outdoor wedding ceremony or even a reception, the weather in summer can be great with the threat of cold, windy or wet weather minimal.

In the Southern Highlands often the late afternoons and evening can be cool and Summer afternoons around Burrawang and Wildes Meadow are a true joy.

At the Secret Garden we can also get afternoon mist rolling into the Meadow which can be truly magical and make stunning photography.

The garden has some lovely established trees that provide large areas of shade as well as a 30-meter wisteria cover pergola. These along with seasonal colour and expanses of lawn can make a beautiful backdrop for a ceremony or a wonderful area where you can erect a marquee for your reception.

Daylight savings in the Southern Highlands also allows you to have more time to enjoy the natural surrounds and beautiful views before the sun sets. It is important to time your ceremony and reception to take full advantage of the cooler evening air and the beautiful light later in the day.



Certainly, no worries about getting cold if you have chosen a strapless dress though you may want to rethink three-piece suits for the guys.

Warmer temperatures can create a more casual and relaxed atmosphere putting both the wedding party and the guests at ease and ready to enjoy the evening.



Summer blooms can’t be missed as they are Big, Bright and Beautiful. Fancy being surrounded by lovely luscious hydrangeas, beautiful drifts of roses, gorgeous agapanthus, vivacious dahlias or beautiful annuals like cosmos, sunflowers and zinnias. If any of these flowers are your favourites, then summer is the time to get married as they are in flower and generally making a statement.

And if you are looking at a more sustainable wedding why not make the most of the flowers growing at the Secret Garden for your bouquets and organic confetti, so much better than the chemically treated imported varieties.



There is something very beautiful about Summer wedding photography. From beautiful bright afternoons for a ceremony to the long dusky evenings for the reception, the light is exceptional. It really is the light that makes a Summer Wedding stand out from those held at other times of the year.

It is important however to make sure that you time your wedding ceremony and reception appropriately – in summer, a later outdoor ceremony at around 4:30pm offers you that beautiful rich light and times your post ceremony photography perfectly to capture the warm sunset as your guests are distracted by food and beverages.


We cannot deny how important extra days off around your wedding are to your guests and for the wedding party, and summer in Australia offers plenty of extra days. From Boxing Day and New Year’s Day to Australia Day there are plenty of public holidays over the summer period. It is a time when family members are together for the festive season and have extended breaks from work so can enjoy more time together and with the happy couple. It is great for guests who must travel, and these bonus days can certainly make the intense wedding period a little bit easier for everyone involved.


If you are considering a summer wedding, The Secret Garden are now taking bookings for Summer 2017/2018. With many trees on the property offering shade during the warmer parts of the day and beautiful grounds perfect for wandering at dusk, The Secret Garden is stunning and lush during summer, the perfect outdoor setting for your wedding ceremony or reception. Enquire for your Summer Wedding Date via our contact page.