No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace, as I have seen in one autumnal face.
John Donne

Autumn is truly my favourite time of the year in the garden. With the warm days and cool nights encouraging beautiful rich Autumn tones in the trees and the still evening air filled with the soft scent of late blooming roses it is such a lovely mellow time of the year.

Really what’s not to love about Autumn in the Southern Highlands?

At The Secret Garden each season offers a completely different look for your dream wedding, and autumn is no different.

Here are some of my top reasons to have an Autumn Wedding in the Highlands?

The leaves
How can you mention Autumn without mentioning the stunning foliage! We have loads of spectacular foliage trees selected specifically for their Autumn colouring. They are slowly turning from the dark greens of the summer foliage to the rich oranges, warm yellows and burgundy that contrast beautifully with the evergreen in the garden.
It all makes for a stunning display.
These colour tones along with falling leaves can create a beautiful rustic style, and the relaxed mellow nature of the season puts everyone at ease.

The light
Wedding photographers talk about the Golden Hour a lot, that perfect window of time, towards the end of the day, where the light is warm and rich and deep. Not only does Autumn offer beautiful rich light throughout the day, but Golden Hour happens earlier in the day, at about 5:30 or 6pm in the Southern Highlands, allowing you to get your stunning wedding photography in early and you can then relax and enjoy the rest of your wedding reception.

The florals
The colours of Autumn are particularly on trend at the moment giving your Floral Designer lots to work with to create stunning work for you. Burgundy tones and peachy colours that seem totally out of place in summer are perfect against the backdrop of autumn leaves and warm light. Beautiful roses, windflowers and stunning Camellias are all in bloom which makes for beautiful bouquets, stunning floral installations and great wedding photography.

The weather
Autumn offers warm days and crisp evenings for the bride and groom. Early Autumn(March) often gives us much needed rain which greens up the lawns, freshens up all the foliage and generally makes everything look beautiful. Then April nearly always brings the most glorious days of still blue skies, mellow warm days and clear cool nights, just perfect for a garden ceremony.

If you have never experience Autumn in the highlands do yourself a favour and come and visit, it is just glorious.

The Secret Garden offers a stunning garden backdrop for couples wanting to take advantage of the changing seasons and beautiful Autumn foliage. Throughout the property we have a variety of areas that are just perfect for a garden wedding ceremony and help produce memorable photography.

We are still taking bookings for this Autumn, so if you have not yet secured the perfect location for your ceremony, reception or even just for photography, get in touch via the contact form.