With spectacular Autumn colour, late winter and spring bursting with glorious masses of daffodils, tulips and other spring bulbs and the glories of spring flowering trees such as cherry blossom, dogwoods, crab apples and rhododendron if you are after a garden wedding then the Southern Highlands is a place worth looking at.

The Southern Highlands of NSW is a special and unique region. Its stunning beauty has been attracting people to the area for generations. With a combination of green rolling hills, quaint villages, a variety of private and public gardens and extensive areas of rugged natural bushland it is rare to find a region in Australia with comparable landscape. This is why it is one of the most popular places in NSW to say your “I do’s”.

Driving through the Highlands, which is a must when visiting the region, you will also encounter vineyards, olive groves, horse studs, and orchards along with some of the country’s best cool climate gardens. Many of these gardens are in private hands but open to visitors at various times of the year and often available for functions and events. The Southern Highlands has been a renowned gardening area for a long time so it has extensive plantings of beautiful old deciduous trees, wonderful spring blossom and a wonderful array of gorgeous plants that will only thrive in a cool climate.

With so much variance in the landscape, your wedding photography can be as unique as you are. With options for photos from everything from spectacular rugged sandstone cliffs to grand country gardens, there is something for everyone. Allow your wedding photography to be a true celebration of this beautiful landscape and capture the light that changes dramatically with each of the four seasons in The Highlands.

The Southern Highlands is one of the few areas of Australia to experience four seasons within the year. In summer, it has the odd very hot day but it normally hovers in the mid-twenties to thirty and evening are often cool. Winter can be very cold with many nights getting below zero and producing white frost, but these are always followed by the most spectacular cool clear days full of glorious sunshine. The region does get the occasional snow storm but these are very rare. Spring is simply stunning in the Highlands with cherry blossom and crab apples flowering amongst the tulips and ranunculus with warm days and cool nights. Autumn, my favourite time of the year in the Highlands, is just wonderful – sun filled warm days, cool nights and all that spectacular Autumn colour.

It is not only because of the regions natural beauty that it is fast becoming the “Go to” place for a destination wedding, the Highlands is also well known for its local produce including wine cheese, mushrooms, olive oil, truffles, and meat. With some of the best local food and wine options in New South Wales, creating a sumptuous menu for your guests is easy and can be completely locally sourced. Why not consider potatoes from Robertson, grass fed beef from Burrawang, organic vegetables from Fitzroy Falls and truffles from Sutton Forrest- all combining to give you a truly unique and decadent meal.

Southern Highlands is now considered one of the premium wine growing regions in NSW. With a variety of soils and climate variations, the area is producing more and more award winning cool climate wines which pair perfectly with the local foods.

Your wedding meal is the perfect opportunity to taste and celebrate all the amazing food and wine that the Southern Highlands has to offer, and a great chance to share that with your nearest and dearest.

The region also has a sensational selection of restaurants, from hatted venues, cosy cafes, great pub food and wonderful winery restaurants, that offer just about any cuisine you desire.

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Imagine saying your “I do” is a picturesque garden and then adjourning to a wonderful award-winning restaurant to sit down to a fabulous meal to celebrate your nuptials.

The Southern Highlands has everything you need to provide a truly unique and special day for your wedding.

When it comes to accommodation options the Highlands has it all from 5 star large hotels, historic inns, farm stays, country-style motels to boutique Bed and Breakfasts.

It is all here and waiting for you to enjoy.

In such a picturesque location, many people find themselves never wanting to leave. As such, there is an incredible pool of talented makeup artists, hair stylists, dress makers and photographers, who have long experience working in fashion, photoshoots or celebrity styling. All have made the Tree change and have come live a more relaxed life in the Southern Highlands. It offers an incredible chance to work with some of the best talents in the country, by having your wedding close to where they choose to live.

Take time when choosing the perfect location for your wedding, ensure you visit the Southern Highlands and tour around some of our great gardens and other spaces and we are sure you will agree, getting married in the Southern Highlands will be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.

But for us, it comes back to the landscapes. The green rolling hills, the dams and lakes, the gardens and the natural landscapes dotted with mature eucalyptus trees.

There is simply nowhere else like the Southern Highlands.